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Many of the problems plaguing modern society have behaviour at their core, and the social issues we face in Rotterdam are no exception to this.


As behavioural scientists and policy-makers, we view it as our responsibility to stimulate Rotterdammers to live healthier, wealthier and happier lives in an ethical and evidence-based manner.

Debate ‘How to behave’

Nudging the 21th century city


The Behavioural Insights Group Rotterdam is an organization bringing together policy-makers from local government and behavioural scientists from Erasmus University Rotterdam.


We combine our policy experience and scientific expertise to address issues grounded in human behaviour that are brought to us by the various clusters within local government.


Our first step in addressing the behavioural issues in the city is to fully deconstruct and diagnose them. This mean asking tough and critical questions to all stakeholders involved to determine what the driving forces are behind the observed behaviours. Only once we have this, can we start thinking about solutions.


The Behavioural Insights Group Rotterdam is made up of behavioural scientists from the Erasmus University and policy makers from local government.


Each of the clusters within the local government are represented and the EUR scientists come from a range of disciplines, including forensic psychology, economics, and organizational psychology.